Our 1.5 day Stay in Oslo

“Oslo feels like home.”

That’s the remark a kid born and raised in Toronto might say. With the weather reflecting the same weather in Toronto, most people having the ability to speak English and a modern feel to architecture, we’ve yet to feel the stronger European vibes that a city like London or Paris may bring to mind.

We were a little offset by prices but after a quick google search it was revealed that citizens in Norway on average make about 75k a year. Which is much higher than that of many canadian cities.

Here is a breakdown of our stay in Oslo:

Accomodation: Airbnb


  • Double cheeseburgers from Burger King – 29 nok
  • Groceries (Pita bread, grape tomatoes, 3 bananas, sliced ham) – 75 nok
  • Tea at Espresso House – 32 nok
  • pasta packets brought from home – priceless
  • 2 pastries from WB Allen – 76 nok
  • Groceries again (cream cheese, ham, chocolate buns, pizza bread) – 102 nok

Public Transportation

  • Train from airport to city centre – 92 nok
  • Bus to airbnb from city centre – 50 nok x2 to go back to city centre


Beautiful tulip gardens


University of Oslo


Royal Palace



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