Pizza and Pasta in Italy

If you love pizza and pasta as much as me, you’ll find that everything they say about Italy is true. While we traveled through Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre and Genoa, we discovered that you can literally find fresh pizza and pasta on every corner. While the pizza was excellent, I found myself being astonished at how much different fresh pasta tastes compared to supermarket pastas that have been in  packaging since the roman empire. Being a pizza and pasta lover, I did not expect to be sick of eating these carb based delights. However, this is exactly what ended up happening. The interesting thing about Italy is that, while you can find Italian food in almost every major city in the world, finding non-italian food in Italy proved to be quite difficult.

Our recommendation for tasting the wonderful food of Italy: Make every third meal non-Italian and you be able to enjoy wonderful Italian food much longer. Except Gelato, you can never get sick Gelato.

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