Travel to Paris, May 1 – 2, 2019

May 1 – 2 2019 (Toronto to Paris)

1. Airtransat is Strict

Nikola had to check-in his bag for $80 because air transat was super strict about carry-on sizes.

2. Aiport food is small and expensive

We ate two small mushroom hamburgers at the airport terminal. They were tasty but way too small.

3. Air Transat has crammed seat configurations

The plane was an absurdly small 3-3-3 Airbus 330. The aisle was so tight that no one could wheel their luggage through it and even the food service had trouble getting through. It was pretty awkwardly uncomfortable.

En route to Paris, we had a stopover in Montreal. We picked up two hotdogs there which were also small and expensive.

4. Air Transat is Mean

Next plane there was no one sitting in the emergency exit, we asked if anyone was sitting there since Nikola does not fit in the seat and they said they were figuring out a situation. However, they ended up giving it to 2 French guys who asked later which made Nikola upset.

We watched crazy rich asians on the plane which gave us some good laughs and then had an hour of sleep.

5. Arrival to Paris

Took RER B to chatelet before realizing chatelet on line 11 is closed until December. Proceeded to go to hotel de ville and then mairie de lilas where my cousin Rachele picked me up from.

Played with Milka and the hamsters. Turns out the two female hamsters they thought they had were one male and one female. They now have another 2 female + 1 male hamster, 5 hamsters total!

Watched some tv with Rachele (Naruto hehe) and Facetimed her sister KC.

Had dinner made by my uncle, Tito Rudy, which included delicious steak with fries, salad, pasta

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