Food in Kuala Lumpur

From the famous streets of Alor to Lot 10, we were able to find some of the local favourites in the 2 days that we enjoyed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The food dishes definitely showcase the fusions of Malay, Chinese and Indian representative of the population. On our way to the train station from Kl to Ipoh, we chatted with our Grab driver who is a born and raised KL local and he divulged some more amazing highlights of KL that we will definitely need to return for.

Lot 10 Lot 10 is a shopping centre and we were a little bit confused as to where we had to go to find the stalls of delicious Malaysian food. There are also signs that point to Japanese food on the top floor which we weren’t looking for at the time but came back for on the second day. Turns out that these famous restaurants are located in the underground floor!We visited two restaurants, the first one famous for its Signature Hokkien Mee. If you’re worried about eating spicy food, we can assure you that this one was not one bit spicy. The noodles are dark and slippery with the appearance of being quite salty but they weren’t actually as salty as we expected. The cost for the noodles was 14.20MYR.

The second restaurant was called Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee which is famous for its original Chili Pan Mee! For about 11MYR, this dish was also not spicy but it came with a separate bowl of “Choose your own spice adventure”. We took a lick of the spice but chickened out a bit too much to actually put it into the dish. The soft egg was a delicious touch as we are not huge fans of chalky yolks or overly runny hardboiled eggs.

After a savoury lunch we were looking to balance our palettes with some dessert or sweet drinks. We weren’t in the mood for the shaved ice desserts so we opted to go for a walk. Just outside Lot10 we discovered YouTea which is a shop specializing in fruit-filled teas and bubble teas. After conversing with the teatender, he convinced us to try the brown sugar milktea for 11 MYR. We’ve had bubbletea from Chatime and other places in Toronto but were never truly impressed until we tried YouTea! It was so good that we came back the second day for the same one plus a larger than expected oolong fruit tea which included fresh fruits such as oranges, watermelon, strawberries and mangos. We also had a good laugh at our table friend, a cute little pikachu statue that helped make the drinks even more photogenic!

For our dinners we ate at W.A.W. (Mickey Mouse logo) on the popular Alore street which comes to life only during the evenings. Our Airbnb host recommended the satay (bbq), stingray and she also claimed that the chicken wings were the best in KL. Along with the satay and chicken wings we tried a variety of noodle dishes. The satay was 1.30MYR each with a minimum order of 10 pieces. There were chicken, beef and lamb and we chose the mixed which included 3 lamb, 3 beef and 4 chicken skewers. The chicken was 3.90 for the wing and drum stick with a minimum of 2 orders. The noodle dishes ranged to about 10-15 MYR per dish. One of our favourite additions was the garlic buttered green beans which cost about 15MYR.

On the 4th floor of Lot10 is home to many expensive Japanese restaurants. I was definitely craving something a little bit colder to eat (sush as sushi) since we’ve been eating a lot of rice and chicken dishes. When we walked around, trying to find the best place to eat we were astounded to see the prices. A few pieces of sashimi and 2 rolls would cost almost $30 CAD! Crazy!!!

We were super hungry so we opted for 8 pieces of Takoyaki from a small set-up for 12MYR. After the takoyaki, we sat down and ordered an Aburi dish which cost 20 MYR. This was one of the cheaper options that wasn’t udon noodles or ramen. Nikola really liked the rice under but I found it a little bit too sour for my liking. We also had the opportunity to try tea-soaked cold noodles (the green noodles) which neither of us were a huge fan of…. well at least we know now!

Acme Bar and Cafe was suggested on a blog we found online due to the popular sizzling brownie. We were pre-warned that it would be a little bit pricey and yes, it was pretty expensive for a sizzling brownie and tropical smoothie. I sort of felt out of place in the cafe because it felt super fancy yet we had only ordered a drink and one dessert. The sizzling brownie looks really cool but it tasted kind of average. To me, it tasted like cake that you make from the Betty Crocker mix. The tropical smoothie was a bit strange to me as it was very sour, kind of minty and did not taste tropical in my opinion. I usually think of tropical as an orange/yellow/pink drink that has fruits such as mango, pineapple, passionfruit, etc but this one didn’t really taste like it. Nonetheless, Nikola also really enjoyed this drink while I did not.

VCR is a cafe that was recommended by our airbnb host and also had amazing ratings on google reviews. The first time we stopped by was late in the evening to grab a quick tea and slice of chocolate cake before heading into our accomodations and we enjoyed the large space and quite ambiance. The next morning we decided to enjoy some brunch at VCR. On google reviews, I had read some raving reviews about the softshell crab burger and I decided that at 9:30AM I would be ordering one. Nikola also ordered a granola with fruits for breakfast. The softshell crab at first appearance was asthetic and crunchy. In reality it was pleasingly soft and melted in your mouth as you savoured it with the delicious bread and sauces. The granola had an abundance of fresh fruit, greek yogurt and soy milk. We would definitely recommend this place if you’re in the area!

Our last meal in KL was in KL Sentral at Ah Cheng Laksa. The mall and train station are connected so it made for a great place to kill some time between our airbnb checkcout and train departure. After some wandering we stumbled upon this place and decided to order some local cuisine of Nasi Lemak and Asam Laksa, both were much spicier than anything we had eaten previously but still had intricate and delicious flavours. Originally we didn’t want to order drinks but decided to eventually order some soy milk because our tongues and lips could not handle the spice.

Overall, we had quite a food journey throughout our two days in Kuala Lumpur. By reading this post, you may be convinced that all we did was eat for 2 days straight. But we can assure you that we also did some sight seeing in between!

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