Sneaky way to get to Stegastein

If you are staying in Flam and wish to visit Stegastein, don’t be silly and pay 275nok per person to take the bus tour. Instead, simply follow the steps we took to make it there:

1. Book a return bus to Aurland (50Nok/person)

2. Commence the 7.5km uphill journey towards Stegastein on foot

3. About 2/3 of the way there after being completely exhausted in the sun and realizing that you have no chance to catch you return bus, grab a ride with a friendly Spanish man to the Stegastein viewpoint.

4. Find an agreeable price with the tour driver to return you to Flam

Additionally, you can leave much earlier than we did, book your return trip much later and have ample time to climb up to Stegastein and back to Aurland.



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