Food adventures in Bergen

1.201 Strandgaten -Homemade norwegian food. Each plate was 180nok each.

2. Cafe aura – we bought a small fish soup and a small carrot ginger soup. There’s an option to get a size larger but this was already quite filling at 99nok and 59nok respectively.

3. Cafe spesial – student owned pub/restaurant. We ordered lamb burger (160 nok) +cheese and chicken leg (110nok) both with potato wedges and yummy aioli. They have a large menu with many cheap pizza options, pastas and appetizers.

4. Pygmalion- 2 crepes with strawberries and chicken on rye bread, total of 188nok for a late night snack right beside our hostel!

6. Open fish market – a little bit pricy because they claim to have the freshest fish of the day but you can find a good bargain with fish and chips or the smaller fish sandwiches if you just want a small bite to eat. We opted for the shrimp sandwich on bread to get a taste of how fresh is fresh and it was pretty fresh!

7. No trip is truly complete without icecream! Norway isn’t very known for icecream (probably since they have winter 9/12 months of the year). Convenience stores and bakeries offer a similar selection of gelatos and icecreams. We suggest going for the cheapest option as they pretty much tasted the same.

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